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Naza Motor Malaysia

Naza Group of Companies has a total of 14 business divisions and is involved in motor trading, and automotive franchises. Founded in 1974 by a Malaysian business tycoon, Nasimuddin Amin, Naza was listed as one of the top 10 best car brands for 2009. Naza sold approximately 11, 419 units previous year (2.1 percent).

Besides automotive franchises, Naza also runs other businesses such as vehicle and bike manufacturing, transport services, property development, limousine services, engineering, cigarette distribution, water crafts and hotel operations.

As mentioned earlier, Naza is involved in automotive franchises and the group is a franchise holder for France's Peugeot, Italy's Ferrari, German's Brabus, Ducati and Harley Davidson bikes and South Korea's Kia. Based on Kia's Carnival, Carens and Picanto, the group designed and launched several models such as Naza Ria, Naza Citra and Naza Suria to suit Malaysian market. Naza also developed Naza Sutera based on the unique Hafei Lobo. It was launched in April 2006.

One of the more well-known models under Naza's belt is Naza Forte. Originally known as Kia Forte, the car was imported into the country and Naza group changed its name to Naza Forte. The car is available in 3 variants – 2.0 SX, 1.6 SX and 1.6 EX. This sporty car was designed by Kia's Chief Designer Peter Schreyer.

Other models launched by Naza for Malaysian market are Optima, Rondo, Sportage, Sorento, Pregio, Ria, Citra and the small-compact car Picanto. Naza Picanto or previously known as Naza Suria is a low-cost car manufactured in South Korea by Kia Motors. This model undergone generational changes before it was launched in Malaysian market.

The group made into the limelight when Naza established the largest automotive showroom in the country in August 2005. When founder Nasimuddin Amin passed away on May 1, 2008 due to lung cancer, his son Nasarudin Nasimuddin became Naza's Chairman.

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